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The Greatest Minds in Calypso Music takes you inside the great Desmond James’s Calypso Cathedral with tens of thousands of Calypso records in mint condition and alphabetically organized. It’s the Largest Calypso Library in the World and Desmond James – The Boss Man –knows every single record.

The Impeccable Trevor Wilkins tells this true story with great passion, admiration, and love for the Greatest Music in the World. His Calypso Journey is riveting and exciting, with his weekly commitment to be an Under-study to the Boss Man. His journey encompasses Calypso “ole” talk, verbal Calypso stories, understanding his Calypso Collection, and heavy rum drinking, particularly “Babash”. Trevor Wilkins’s Calypso research went on for over twenty-two years, until the passing of the Great Desmond James in 2021.

Calypso Devotees and Musical Lovers:

This book is exceedingly infectious and impeccably organized. The Greatest Minds in Calypso Music takes you on Trevor Wilkins’s Calypso Sojourn from Elementary Calypso School to receiving his PhD in Calypso music. He now serves as the Calypso Emeritus. Besides the Calypso themes, there are library photographs, some allegorical language, musical patterns, and humorous to thought-provoking Calypso topics. It reads like you are in a classroom and a Calypso party, simultaneously. It even has a synopsis of the radio business in New York City. You will enjoy the Calypso discoveries, the racy fast pace of the book. It will exercise your mind and might even get your heart rate up. This is probably the Greatest Calypso Book ever written because everything in it is True.

Calypso Is Love

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Published by: Mr. Calypso Publishing, 2022

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